Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Written 7.25.2021 (or there abouts..): This was on our book shelf, an airport purchase, back when business trips were a thing. NOTE: this book is apparently no longer available through Amazon Prime (which is why there's no link — not that anyone USES the links I occasionally provide here… BUT… ), so if you want the book you'll have to find it elsewhere. And I have zero idea if anyone else is still offering the book. And with that "strong" endorsement… my review:

It’s a very crisply written easy to read book, which is hamstrung by its subject matter. Which is a convoluted way to say that Norse mythology did not grab my interest. In the author’s forward, Gaiman notes that Norse mythology is a huge favorite of his— but for me too many of the stories struck me as the result of late night drinking around a fire trying to come up with the grossest story imaginable.

Perhaps I just don’t know enough Norse (should that word be capitalized?) history (true fact), but in a few cases I just didn’t see the linkage between explaining nature and the story. My reference is Greek mythology, at least the small amount that I read decades ago. So again, not the most definitive take.

Only a few of the character names were familiar to me, thanks to the MCU movies, but Disney has definitely NOT hewed to the true Norse stories. Or at least this version of them. Much like the Greek myths, there are no doubt numerous versions. Never read the Marvel comics, so I don’t know what version they told.

Verdict: Easy to read, but not my cuppa.

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