At long last, a statement but no apology

Published 4.10.2022: Lindo Bacon finally posted a response. I'm not going to say much about it. The statement reads as though it was carefully vetted by a lawyer. It doesn't come close to the demands made by the individual that made the accusation, but it was never going to do so. Those demands were/are ludicrous on their face, just as demanding that Bacon allow someone else to completely rewrite her book was ridiculous.

The (really very small) cluster of fat liberation Twitter handles are up in arms over the statement, but my suspicion is that amongst Health at Every Size (HAES) professionals, it will wash. Apparently HAES professionals (physicians, therapists, etc) have begun to state openly that they think there are two sides to the story and that they will welcome their patron saint back.

I still think HAES as a concept is doomed. Bacon was, for good and for ill, the face of the HAES. And the fact that she was thin, back in the day, was thought to be a good thing. See, even a thin person is saying that fat people should have the same rights… or something. Now, however, if you're not fat, you're part of the problem.

As expected, over time more people in the fat liberation crowd are reacting. Not going to catalog them all, as I am truly not interested. They are all arguing over a concept I consider to be nonsensical in many ways, so why bother. Like the argument of how many angels can dance on a pin… it only matters if you think the angels are real. One thing that is clear, however, is that they do not want Bacon to resume a role, any role, in the HAES movement.

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