Resolved to have a better year

Published 1.25.2021: This piece is very late, typically it's my first post of the new year, and it typically occurs on New Year's day or during the first week of the year. However, this year, it just didn't work out. Ironically, in a very slow month at my offline business, I've been incredibly busy recovering from a busy holiday season. Having sufficiently buried the lede, let's assess the past year.

It's not news that 2020 was not a good year, but the purpose here isn't to present a laundry list of just why it was so horrible. The purpose here is to document how well I did or didn't meet my resolutions. Suffice it to say that I hope 2021 is a better year for myself, my family and the world.

That said, overall, I didn't do poorly with my resolutions. That might have something to do with making a conscious attempt to be realistic with my goals last year, but it also has to do with my sticking to habits developed and adopted in the past. Covid19 definitely had an effect on a number of my resolutions, especially those related to my business.
2020 was an absolute roller coaster ride for my offline business. Because the business is a food manufacturer, it was considered essential, and we never had to shut down. However, if customers won't come out because they are afraid of the plague, it really doesn't matter if you're open or not. I still managed to meet some of the business resolutions, but mostly I just rolled them into this year and hopefully 2021 will be a better year.

On the fitness front, Covid19 affected those results too, as my lifting program (following the LIFTMOR protocol for bone health) was put on hold as gyms closed for 3 months. I did go back to the gym after they re-opened, and did my sets wearing a mask. Initially, the gym did not require masks to be worn 100% of the time, and naturally that meant that many bros (and they were mostly bros) wore their masks hardly at all. The local health department cracked down, and suddenly everyone had to wear the mask 100% of time. Magically, all the bros who couldn't exercise while wearing a mask suddenly could.

I didn't put on a quarantine 15, but I did pack on a few (more) pounds. My goal for 2021 is to lose those pounds, and maybe a few more. I did not keep up my yoga practice as regularly as I'd hoped, and well, I definitely need to find a way to do more aerobic exercise. I don't do aerobic exercise at the gym, and wouldn't even if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic. I'm still not a fan of gyms, and wouldn't have joined one if I hadn't started doing heavy lifting. I really don't want to have to buy a weight rack and set of weights for my home. I'm trying to have fewer things, not more.

I did do more offline reading last year, so I counted that as a success, but I'd like to do even more. Nonfiction histories, particularly of the US Civil War, have been my reading material of choice this past year. Hopefully not a harbinger of the future.

On the writing front I missed the mark totally. I didn't write much here, I didn't write much there, I didn't write much anywhere. I could list a variety of reasons and excuses as to why writing didn't happen as planned, but the bottom line is that it didn't (again). My goal remains to write on a more consistent, routine basis.

And lastly (and this might be worth its own post), I did add a new resolution to my list, which is to cut back on my alcohol consumption. Not because I have/had a problem, but because I decided to join my daughter in doing a dry January this year; and as I begin the final week, I have to say that I've enjoyed it— which was unexpected. I should note that my January has been mostly dry. I did have a glass of wine on my birthday, and I did join in the toast offered the next night in my honor at our local pub. I also had a few to celebrate on January 20. But otherwise, I've been drinking mocktails or tea, and quite enjoying it.

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