Right and wrong

Written 7.18.2021: So I was both right and wrong about the ending of Loki. Disney did give itself a way to rewrite the "scared timeline" with existing characters if it so chooses, but it also introduced more the Marvel pantheon into its "MCU" (Marvel comics Universe, or Marvel Cinematic Universe? I'm guessing the latter— without googling because I want to write this up quickly.)

And Loki was part of the cause of the reset, but not entirely. Did not expect there to be a second season either. The story wasn't finished in 6 episodes, but you could argue neither were the stories in WandVision and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But those characters are alive in the MCU, Loki, technically I suppose, is not. I am surprised the actor wanted a second season, but hey, it's money and otherwise his Marvel time would be over.

I enjoyed the season, though my lack of a Marvel background makes any prediction fraught. The new "baddie" they've apparently introduced is interesting, if mostly undefeatable, at least in the comics.

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