My Loki prediction

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Written 7.13.2021: Apropos of nothing… considering I never read any Marvel comics and am only recently a convert to the MCU… I am going to hazard a guess as to what the ending of Loki (series on Disney+ that could have been a movie ) is going to be.

No one will read this, and that's fine. But I want to get on the record what I think is going on in Loki and why Marvel/Disney made it.

The multi-year Infinity stone thing worked and gave Marvel lots of fodder. But then actors started aging out of roles or simply wanted the freedom to do other things.

However, Marvel has a stable of other characters brought to life by actors who were not done in the marvel universe, and the powers that be need a way to reset the … time frame… narrative… whatever else they want to reset.

Loki gives them the chance to do so. They seem to be setting up (remember I have not read the comics!!) a situation where ANYTHING can be reset or moved to a different timeline.

So that's my prediction. Loki resets the timeline (or at least leaves in such a state that others can use it or manipulate it anyway they want). Retconning is common in comic books (or so I'm told because I don't actually read them) and this would just be an explanation for the retconning.

Or so says an "unMarveled" viewer.

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