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January 3: Ruminations and resolutions
January 4: "Teh Ebil" Sugar
January 5: Weight loss is a valid choice.
January 6: Review: Rogue One
January 9: Sugar is not a drug and other interesting tidbits.
January 10: Round up of recent diet book reviews
January 11: Unhealthy restrictions
January 12: Better Junk Food?
January 13: Review: Plato's Meno
January 16: Brief takes on yoga, pain and the energy balance
January 17: Jillette, Fuhrman and Cronise, a troika of diet evangelists
January 20: Review: The Big Short
January 23: B12 from plants and other tidbits of note
January 25: Interesting tidbits related to CVD
January 26: A new era in education dawns?
January 27: Review: Facing the Fat
January 30: Sugar in the spotlight and other tidbits of note
January 31: Why do people regain?


February 1: CRON- Is it worth the suffering?
February 2: Not so fast— will DeVos be confirmed?
February 3: Mastering Diabetes Summit, Day 1
February 6: Mastering Diabetes Summit, Day 2
February 7: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 3 (Part 1)
February 8: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 3 (Part 2)
February 9: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 4 (Part 1)
February 9: Screen time in education
February 12: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 4 (Part 2)
February 13: Menopause, chemicals and other tidbits
February 16: My education biases upfront
February 17: Review: The Jungle Book
February 20: Weight affects health and other tidbits
February 21: Movement is important as you age, and any other time
February 23: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 5 (Part 1)
February 23: House bill 610— what does it do?
February 24: Review: Forks over Knives, the movie
February 27: Nutritional tidbits for the end of February


March 2: First exercise, now cardiologists are against fruits and vegetables?
March 2: Vouchers and Online Education
March 3: Review: Food Choices
March 6: Diets are not religions and other tidbits
March 9: Too much calcium or too much phosphorus
March13: Useless data or interesting tidbits?
March 15: Cato sugar debate
March 15: Cardio news: Salt, adult beverages, statins and stents
March 16: Accountability in Education
March 20: Low fat non-vegan diet results in lowest rate of heart disease
March 21: Sugar in Spring is no conspiracy
March 22: Saturated Fat Intake Associated with Coronary Disease
March 23: What is an obsolete school?
March24: A review of BBC's Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth
March 27: The brain makes us hungry but it's not only carbs that make us fat
March 28: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 5 (Part 2)
March 29: Mastering Diabetes Summit Day 6 (Part 1)


April 3: Type one and gestational diabetes, adrenal fatigue, the microbiome, vitamin D and other tidbits.



January 4: There's nothing wrong with resolutions!
January 7: Oprah is not the problem.
January 14: Choosing a uniform.
January 15: Whither the Wahls Protocol
January 18: You might be Primal if…. you are constipated!
January 21: Why the angst over the Newcastle cure?
January 25: Talking gluten again
January 26: Comments on the Fat Summit, Day 1
January 28: Comments about the Fat Summit, Day 2
January 29: Comments on the Fat Summit, Day 3


February 1: Comments on the Fat Summit, Day 4
February 4: Comments on the Fat Summit, Day 5 (Part 1)
February 5: Comments on the Fat Summit, Day 5 (Part 2)
February 8: Comments on the Fat Summit Day 6
February 10: Comments on the Fat Summit Day 7
February 15: Summary thoughts on the Fat Summit
February 23: Avoiding gluten is not harmful
February 24: Move it or Lose it, Ignore the anti-exercise hype
February 29: High Fiber over Low Fat


March 7: Type 2 Diabetes Reversal: Low Fat, High Fiber, or Low Calorie required?
March 9: My rules for a healthy diet
March 10: Ultra-processed foods should be avoided
March 18: A Story to be told
March 21: Again with the backlash against Standing Desks
March 22: Home cooking needn't be complicated or expensive
March 25: Was it the coconut oil?
March 28: Thoughts on CVD and cardiologists
March 30: Thoughts on veganism


April 1: Evidence of Ancestral Veganism Found!
April 4: More thoughts on HAES
April 11:Vegan doctors denial doesn't help
April 18: Aging naturally and trolls
April 20: Roy Taylor at the Diabetes Summit
April 22: People choose pills over lifestyle, almost every time
April 29: Biking while working


May 3: Confirmed: It's the calories not the carbs
May 6: About that Big Loser study
May 12: Considering CREX
May 13: A gluten free diet will not harm kids.
May 19: Does the calorie calculator matter?
May 23: Even with low carb, adherence and calories are the key.
May 24: Our 5:2 Saga updated
May 25: What CICO is not


June 10: That Sugar Film: A Review
June 16: Obesity is not a disease
June 20: So I joined a gym
June 23: In the end… it's the energy balance
June 28: A round up of HAES related items


July 5: Nipping childhood obesity in the bud
July 7: The Kevin Hall study disproving Taubes is published
July 11: Vegan kids need supplements
July 21: Getting fat on fruit
July 22: More reactions to the Hall Study


August 10: Back from the Land of Brexit
August 18: Re: NPR is closing its comment section
August 23: Yoga for Osteoporosis
August 29: Sloth over Gluttony?
August 30: My osteoporosis saga
August 31: Menopause is not a disease


September 1: No more NFL, how to fill the time?
September 6: Adherence remains the question.
September 8: Sit less, move more
September 9: Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
September 15: A working thesis for CVD
September 16: Set Point Update
September 19: Blast from the past: Low carb for athletes?
September 21: Vegans realize the reality of the energy balance.
September 22: Beans don't have gluten!
September 26: Stress? No, Lack of Adherence
September 29: Want aging naturally to be the norm? Then do it
September 30: Tell me again vegans don't need supplements…


October 4: Fat-Shaming is having a moment
October 11: Kevin Hall Answers Low Carb Skepticism
October 13: Body positive, or mind think?
October 16: NFL ratings and reasons
October 17: Avoid calcium supplements
October 21: Osteo Update
October 24: Vitamin D level target
October 25: Movement IS important
October 31: Vitamin K2 and osteoporosis


November 1: Natto!
November 6: Fasting, Tweeting and Shaming, Oh My!
November 7: Monday morning tidbits
November 8: Obesity is not like Smoking
November 9: Lifestyle choices matter
November 10: Blaming or taking responsibility?
November 11: Health tidbits: Use or lose it.
November 14: Monday Morning links
November 15: When is NEAT actually TEA?
November 16: No Obesity Paradox
November 17: Allowing hair and skin to age naturally
November 21: Monday links
November 22: CVD: Genes over Lifestyle?
November 28: Monday Links: Leftovers
November 30: I still don't like comment sections.


December 2: Interesting Links for the week of December 2.
December 5: Monday links
December 7: Is veganism required to reverse CVD with diet?
December 8: Overcomplicating the Obvious
December 12: Monday links to interesting items
December 19: The last link list of the year


Year end for 2015

Misunderstanding the Energy Balance
Veganism does not negate the energy balance.
Weight loss is possible
It doesn't have to be like this
Fast or easy weight loss, pick one
Lessons from the fatosphere
Garbage in garbage out (parental choices matter)
Weight lose is possible
That doesn’t mean what you think it does.
Whither the treadmill desk?
Making it official: Standing desk beats the treadmill desk
The Bike Desk Revisited
The bike desk experiment
Anything but sitting!
Maintaining or refusing to regain
Making weight loss more difficult than it needs to be
Standing desk backlash

Supplements should be unnecessary.
In the end, we are all dead
Aging well and how to do it.
Eat better, move moderately, and live better for longer.
In the end, there is the energy balance
"Nutritional" cleanses and kids

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
Quick notes for the Sunday after Thanksgiving


Weight gain through the rearview mirror
One year of "Fast dieting"
Paleo angst over the US News rankings
Fast Fads and Set Points
Diets can work in the long term.
Which diet is best?
TEA for Me
Seriously, weight loss does work
Again, seriously, weight loss does work!
Maintenance is hard?
Calorie Confusion
Maintenance is easy?
Moving less is the cause?
Why deny the obvious?
Standing vs Walking: An Energy Balance Example
Another Paleo Guru jumps off
Exercise is not enough
Choosing a new maintenance
Truths about weight loss
Exhuming old Paleo notes
Quick notes about treadmill desks
Exhuming the HAES files


Consumption of HFCS
High fat diets mystify this Mom
A calorie thought experiment
Adherence is the key
Eat to Live Revisited
Treadmill desk update
Gut bugs for the win?
Babies don't get fat?
The ebb and flow of the blogosphere
Paleo Summit notes
Robert Lustig on the Diane Rehm show
My verdict on Paleo
Paleo Summit Notes part 2
The Energy Balance manifesto
Obesity is not a disease
Obesity as drowning?
In Food Science we Trust?
One year treadmill desk study
Treadmill desk update and redesign
A new toy: the bike desk
Orthorexia as a business plan?
Standing Momentum


Calories Count!
One Mom's experience with a treadmill desk
The Stand Up Fitness Plan
Walking the Weight Off While Working
Portion Control
Who made us fat?
Who made us fat? Part 2
Fasting vs Calorie Restriction with Exercise
My bassackwards way of losing weight
IIFYM = Portion Control by another name
Fat Ads, the Truth hurts?
Treadmill Desk Update and Re-assessment
Who's to blame for the obesity epidemic?
One Mom reads Eat to Live
WAPF read Eat to Live



Time to talk about Menopause and Gluten
Low carb post menopause? Heck no!
Excuse me professor, but your bias is showing
Big Food faces a big challenge


One Mom researches the benefits of green tea.
Short takes on recent medical articles or news.
Is there ever a use for placebos?
Evolution of Medicine
Hard Lessons Re-learned
There is only ONE medicine
Just Stand up


One Mom Muses on gut bugs.
Gray Power


Musing about menopause
Pink Slime Thoughts
Letting Parents off the hook

Quick notes


Quick Notes for October 14, 2015
Quick notes on October 5, 2015
Quick notes for Labor Day Weekend 2015
Quick notes for Mid June 2015
Quick notes for May 14, 2015
Quick notes for May 12, 2015
Quick notes for Mid April 2015
Quick Notes for mid March 2015
One Mom’s Quick Notes January 16, 2015.
Quick notes to begin 2015


Quick notes for June 2, 2014
Quick notes for July 31. 2014
Quick notes August 8, 2014
Quick notes November 19, 2014
Quick notes November 26, 2014
Quick notes for December 4, 2014

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Reading Online and Why it's Better...



Online Schooling - MOOCs


Do Gifted and Talented classes make a difference?
Parents are Responsible for their kids' education



Parenting teens can be hard
People without kids should not give parenting advice


Practical, not political parenting


You can't coerce good eating habits
My response to "Parents can't say No"

Random thoughts

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Left vs Right: What does each side believe?
Rules for a good marriage
Public Service Announcement: You are using too much soap! (9.30.2015)


Working from home vs telecommuting

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